Technical Photography Tips

Digital Photography Tips:
  • Set your digital camera to the highest quality/resolution setting possible. It may be called "SHQ" (super high quality) mode.
  • Make sure the date mechanism is turned off.
  • The best quality pictures will be at least 300dpi; or 2400 x 1800 px (roughly 8" x 6"). (If you right click on the photo file and choose "properties" that should give you the size of pixels.)
  • Pictures should be saved and submitted in jpeg (jpg), .gif, or .png formats.
  • The pictures must be high definition (with no blurriness) in order to be enlarged to the 12" by 12" format.
  • The minimum requirement for large month photos is 145 dpi when enlarged to 12" by 12". The pictures must be high definition with the beagle(s) in focus (no blurriness or pixilation) in order to be enlarged to the 12" by 12" format.
  • After you take the pictures, make sure you view them on your computer at the actual pixel size (100%) to verify that your picture is in focus. Make sure that your beagle(s) is what the camera focused on. Often automatic digital cameras will focus on an object near the beagle, leaving the beagle out of focus. When photographing more than one beagle, make sure all beagles are in focus.
  • Send the original digital file from your camera. Cropping may compromise the file's size and prevent it from being enlarged to a 12" by 12" format. Our graphic designer can crop as she sees fit.
  • Please do not re-size or compress the pictures once you've downloaded them from your camera; the original size works best.
  • Since the individual photo files will be huge, please send one file per email. (If this is still a larger attachment than your email provider allows you to send, please contact us and we'll try an alternate method.)
  • If your digital file is too small or it appears blurry at actual pixel size or has a date stamp or has glowing eyes, we will not be able to enlarge it to a 12" by 12" format, and it will only be considered for a small calendar photo.